Young Real Estate Professionals of New York…or in short, YREPNY

Young Real Estate Professionals of New York…or in short, YREPNY

Right after Anthony and I came back from our first house viewing, we quickly changed and were on our way to a big networking event… Talk about moving on quickly!

It was the Young Real Estate Professionals Event of New York, or as we like to call it- the YERPNA! I unfortunately missed the one in November because I had yet another tutoring lesson to go to that day ( but soon enough, I will be out of the part-time tutoring¬† gig and pursing this full time). I was actually very upset I had to miss it because it sounded very attractive to me when I found this event on Young Real Estate Professionals? 100+ attendees?! YES! An opportunity to meet more like minded young entrepreneurs such as ourselves. Anthony and I are relatively young compared to others in the real estate field (20&21), but I choose to look at that as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. I mean common, isn’t is attractive when a young, hungry and ambitious millennial who is in their early twenties, already runs a business? I think so…

(side note: we had to run to a store to get new shoes for me because I had a minor accident with mine, which made me look like I was wearing elf shoes…)


We arrive to the YERPNY event and Anthony introduces himself to Mike, the founder of the event who he has a great relationship with. We got there just a little before the event started, and were with approximately 10 other people. It was a very festive looking, bar-styled event. Very nice. Immediately, we start introducing ourselves to people who were there, after just hanging up our coats. In a matter of minutes, we noticed more and more people coming in. I can see why Anthony found this event overwhelming the first time! THERE WAS NO ROOM TO BREATHE! It eventually got packed with people. Young people, older people, all people. This is awesome.

We met lot of people. The environment was amazing, and we collected a good number of business cards from investors and other people in the real estate industry. We even met a very interesting man who has a project in the works of creating a building… a MASSIVE building OVER a river. I can’t wait to see it built, because I would love to live there myself!

The last contact I made was a golden one. In the most casual way, he introduces himself to me and says he works with an investment firm that has 23,000 properties total, and looking to invest in 19,000 in 2019… So they pretty much in anything and everything…

yep. No big deal at all… except this was the most impressive thing I’ve heard in my whole entire time of being in Real Estate!


All in all, this was my favorite event yet.


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