Ugh Introvert

Yes I am without a doubt an introvert. It’s 100% fine to be honest to admit that you are; if you are one. People mistake me for one because they see that Im very outgoing but I worked hard to be at that point; putting myself in a lot of uncomfortable situations to grow on becoming more social. Real Estate wholesaling is ALLL about knowing the right people, having the correct network, and going out to meet them. Just another task in my way to accomplish my goals, but your reason WHY should be the reason you are willing to run through a brick wall to achieve your dreams. Honestly and Im still always working on becoming more social and asking what I want and am looking for. That was todays instance. Without a doubt the biggest real estate networking event Iv been too. Thank you to the hosts for throwing the event which they do once a month and I got the chance to introduce myself to two of the hosts. Overall Im very happy I showed up and managed to get a few great contacts which Im eager on emailing back as soon as I have finished writing this blog haha. But the thought haunts me thinking I know it could have been done better, with the amount of people that showed up and the few people I added to my network; it definitely could have been done better. The room started to get packed and hence groups were formed. I then sat by the bar feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ugh Introvert. The only people since sitting by the bar were to people attending the event so I introduced myself; even if they were not the people Im typically looking for; talking to them is needed for myself to proceed forward. Maybe Im just being hard on myself but I feel like I should since there is no shortcut to success. You must always be proud of your small victories because those small victories will then become your big ones, and even though I could have introduced myself to more people; I did manage to acquaint myself with a few great ones. Thanks for reading and to the next event we go!

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