Thank You, Next!

Thank You, Next!


It’s finally my turn. Anthony has been to the last few REI events without me because I had lessons in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays (at which,  apparently ALL the good REI events are scheduled) , but it was finally my time to shine! I grew so anxious to finally get out and network at all these amazing events Anthony was telling me about,  and his enthusiasm was extremely contagious. It was Tuesday, I didn’t have an evening lesson, and I’m finally going to SECOND REI meeting.

It was a freezing night, and I had to walk about 15 minutes from the subway to the event, and I made it to the event just a tad late because my commute from Staten Island was a little longer to that area of Brooklyn, but I didn’t worry too much, because I knew the event was a three hour one. Plenty of time to network! Right?


It was another meeting of people who were learning about real estate investing for the first time, and the presenters were providing a free class to give an insight on the real estate course they are offering. Now, the course was great, and the presenters were wonderful, but I knew I wasn’t there for that, since I am already in the process of wholesaling myself.

No big deal, I’ll just wait for the end of the presentation, to start networking with people

Then a five minute break is announced.

5 minute break? I thought it was over.

Well, just as I stood up for the 5 minute break to at least introduce myself to one investor, a man who was sitting behind me introduced himself to me first, and I was more than happy to learn why he was at the meeting. I made to him why I was there, what I do, and what my goals are.  He explained that he actually isn’t interested in Real Estate investing at the moment at all, but that he wanted to come out to see what the advertisements he has been receiving in his mail were about. It was nice meeting him, he was very friendly, but I had to continue meeting people. That’s why I came.  The only problem is, he didn’t seem to want to want to stop talking to me, although I know he noticed that I was looking over the shoulder a few times to look around for other people I’d like to speak to. For those whole 5 minutes, this man was talking to me about government jobs, stocks, and pretty just about everything except investing.

“Do you know any investors?”, I asked.

He didn’t. And just like that, 5 minutes were up.

Back to your seats, now it’s time for the second part of the presentation. I looked at the time, and it was already getting late. I spoke to one person, and he wasn’t an investor, or someone who knew investors. All the people in the room were there not because they are already in the industry, but because they wanted to learn about it. And there was very little opportunity to network with individuals in general.

It was time to go.  I was a little disappointed, but I wasn’t going to let that discourage me. After all, we are still just beginning coming to our REI events, and I was still able to connect with some great individuals on social media in the mean time.

Thank you, next!

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