Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

“Now THAT’S what I call a networking event!” was Anthony’s first reaction after last night’s REI event.

This event was about three hours long, and it was designed specifically for networking and pitching, and it was big! Lots of investors, agents, and developers all arrived to this event.

I finally made it to a productive networking event! Finally! I was especially excited because at this stage in our game, we are beginning to look for deals as well. So we have around 17 “star investors” (which is what we call investors who are experienced, and we definitely see ourselves working with in the future), and we were ready to pitch a great New Jersey property we found to someone at the event, and if not, to one of the investors we already met previously.  We are always continually growing our cash buyers list, because the more people we have in our circle, the more open the opportunity becomes. Although we have met many investors already, and we are moving forward, we will always be going to REI and networking to meet someone new.

I met an investor who works in the New Jersey area and I was ready to pitch the property we found to him. He wasn’t interested, and I kindly asked him why so that he could explain to me what he looks for. And he made it clear that he enjoys multifamily units more than single family homes. I took a note, thanked him and smiled.

It was nice seeing a few young faces as well. Anthony and I are looking to grow our personal network with young entrepreneurs with similar mindsets and interests us as well, so we are always on the look out for new friendships and companionships as well.

Usually, at an average event, we make two to three contacts. However, last night, Anthony and I met nine to ten contacts EACH, giving us around new 18 contacts, and about ten new “star investors”!

Although still a little disappointed that we weren’t able to pitch our awesome New Jersey deal in public, we were nevertheless very happy with the outcome!

Separately we are successful, but together we are unstoppable!



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