One of the 5 Rules of Stratospheric Success

Waking up on a cold rainy day was the day of my next Real Estate Investor event. Thinking “I wonder how many people will show up now” debating my own attendance. Something kept going across my mind that it’s usually on days like these; that you really don’t want to miss out on opportunities, because they present themselves when you least expect it. As i entered it was a causal bar for a pure free networking event for hard money lenders, contractors, real estate attorney’s, etc. The next best news is that it was free!! For some reason I first believed it would be hosted at an auditorium setting. But the atmosphere at that event was very comforting and welcoming which felt really nice. The host of the event was extremely kind and genuine, first time hosting a networking event and it ran very well; I wouldn’t have guessed that it was her first time hosting it. A core value I believe in is “provide people value first, and think about profits second”; in the book “The Go-Giver” they state how the secret to success (well a part of it) is to simply give. And how theoretically anyone can be successful, because anyone can give, and especially when you give others value.

That is my mentality coming into these events. Remember the first event I wrote about in my previous blog? One of those two contacts Liana and I made was a potential investor that was looking onto properties in the New Jersey area. Knowing were not marketing out in Jersey we still took it just in case. It came back to repay us a tiny bit so far; I was talking with the host about wholesaling houses and that investor came to mind, knowing I have to give value to others, I have given her that New Jersey contact, not thinking about my own interest; purely wanting the best for her. I knew that my actions will come back to me ten times more. Didn’t know it would pay right up front when she mentioned, “I have a motivated seller possibly in New Jersey and we can split the cut 50/50”. That was amazing news and in further discussion, it is even better than what our buyer originally wanted. And from that, in addition to, i’m now excited on helping to grow and scale these events for more people to show up for everyone to benefit. The others that i’ve met is a contracting company that deals with painting houses, this is a good contact for fix & flippers to have which i will be referring. Four people from their group decided to join on the cold and rainy day to the event. Lastly an attorney came who’s an extremely good contact which will help me close deals with a cherry on top offer i’m able to provide to specific investors. It’s too good to refuse. I’ll come back to what he does when it comes into play. Other from that the main goal always is to build up our cash buyer list, which is why i came; cant risk any chances on meeting anyone. Even though i didn’t meet anyone i can put on my cash buyer list, i did meet a person who can possibly get a deal closed where we all benefit through our two contacts.

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