Scaling Up!

Scaling Up!

SO  a lot has been happening!

Remember the man we drove up 4 hours to see? We got that house under contract after following up with him and we were so close to selling it. Literally 2-4 thousand dollars off from the investor who wanted to buy it.

We also had a JV contract from someone we connected with on facebook. They had a property from a close family friend, and we had the buyer. Everything went great… until the buyer actually went to see the property and said it was nothing like what our “partners” described it as.

Let’s just say they are no longer our partners.

Next, we hired a mentor! This is where things got better. His name is Eric. Anthony and I went to an event that a popular wholesaler on social media was at. At the event I noticed a young man who seemed very familiar, and then I realized I have been following him on social media. He was with his brother, whom I had followed afterwards as well. His brother was offering mentorship and I knew they had found a great system in closing deals, so I wanted to work with them.

We told Eric about how we have been doing things so far, and found out we were pretty much off. He was telling us about his marketing strategy for cold calling, and how his returns were great from that.

Anthony and I have been paying a lot of money for direct mail, and we have not been getting the same results at all.

We have been trying many different strategies to make it work, but weren’t consistent with any of them because our returns just weren’t what we wanted them to be.

So I spent many many hours over a week interviewing different virtual assistants, until we found our perfect match… GRACEL.

Gracel is an extremely dedicated, motivated and ambitious young lady from the Philippines.  We work together as friends, and get along better than I have ever imagined we could get along with an employee. I have been training her for the past few days as in 5 days she has already set appointments for follow ups with 15 homeowners. This a greater return than we ever had before.

We are also upgrading to a new dialer soon, and growing our social medias together. We re established an instagram theme (and I am re estabishing my personal account to add credibility as well). We are working on a new logo, gained over 50 new facebook followers, and relaunched our twitter.

Anthony is doing a great job with acquisition, and he is currently learning about creative financing strategies for leads that have specific situations that wholesaling cannot help with.

I am also looking forward to doing acquisition, and eventually we will upgrade Gracel to the position as well.

In the next few months are goals are to hire at least two more callers, and social media managers as well.

Starting up is finally beginning to feel like scaling up!

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