If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

Now let me just say, this event was definitely out of the ordinary. You will for sure come by plenty of surprised so when wholesaling real estate; expect the unexpected. Going to these events you expect to participate in networking events for you to find the people you are looking for. Not stumble upon on actual meeting among real estate agents discussing about a property in Florida. Don’t get me wrong, everyone was extremely nice so please don’t worry about running into disrespectful people. They offered water and had a great environment. What was bothering me the most was wondering if i can provide great value to these individuals. I don’t seek for my benefit only, I focus on the people I work with benefits FIRST. Knowing that I can help them in any way I can. Thats where I felt most stuck at during this meeting. The host of the meeting is extremely generous and took down my email because he may know a person that is interested in the offers Im able to present which are discounted off the market residential properties. Every event is crucial because you never know who you may run into, and it’s important to simply show up every time to grow your business. With real estate, I absolutely love it and I strongly and truly believe this will bring you a life that many people dream about; having time and financial freedom down the line. Simply always be persistent and believe in your path and i promise you will get where you are trying to be. I haven’t even closed my first deal yet and I believe this deep in my core. Im an avid reader, starting to build a massive collection on books because information is priceless. I cut out listening to music and listen to entrepreneurial podcasts and audiobooks. My goal for these blogs is to provide value to my viewers for them to see that they are not alone and throughout all of the struggles and doubts; we’ll NEVER quit and working until we get to where we want to be. To the next event we go!

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