Our First REI Event

Proudly am able to say our first REI (Real Estate Investor) event wasn’t a complete absolute total failure. Coming in we only have one goal to complete which is to build up a cash buyer list of investors who are interested in receiving hugely discounted homes BEFORE they even get on the market for others to snag up. Liana and i barely stayed up throughout the presentation, but we managed thanks to our pumpkin spiced lattes. The event took about two and a half hours and once it was over the very first Real Estate “Investor” i wanted to talk to was the “big man” presenting. This was the very first person i spoke to starting my investing career. To my surprise he was not what i expected, very closed minded in receiving new deals in ADDITION to the current deals he may be getting currently; so that was an absolute failure. While we were leaving, there was another “investor” by the elevator so we introduced ourselves and our business, we kindly said “if we presented a motivated seller to you, would you consider working with us” she responds “no” and walked away. Liana and i looked at each other in shock. Feeling disappointed, a man that was watching the presentation entered the elevator down with us and we got into conversation, he’s not an investor but has saved up a considerable about of cash and would be interested in investing and we presented what were able to offer. Proud to say we’ve exchanged contacts and looking forward to see what offer we’ll be able to make him in the upcoming months.

The lesson learned from our first event is to not judge anyone, even if they are simply watching the event. We had the intention of talking to the people in business suits and no one else, but to our surprise; our potential first client was someone out of the ordinary. Happy to say it wasn’t all that bad.