Bigger and Better

Honestly, it really does get better after each event. This event I believe was the most packed with the hosts being able to gather 20-30 people at a venue in Williamsburg. Let me say that now I definitely know to bring a notepad to gather up information more effectively. As a wholesaler Im supposed to figure out the investor/buyers criteria’s of properties that they are interested in. Their investment strategies, price ranges, areas, property types, etc; and after talking to a few it started to become overwhelming since I was not able to memorize it all. Its not a problem though since Iv managed to acquire everyones business cards; but still felt a tad bit unorganized. Lesson learned: Bring NotePad! Other from that, I felt it was a really successful event where I managed to get a handful of contacts that expanded my network and therefor my business. Im extremely eager to provide value to whomever I do business with and show them great deals in the properties Iv acquired. Thank you so much to the hosts and to everyone that attended.

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